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Exora 667 is a custom economy RSPS aimed to bring a new Runescape Private Server experience through new content such as NPCs, minigames, maps, weaponry and much more. Exora will uphold a balance of existing Runescape content with a pleasant blend of new custom items and armors. Explore new areas filled with monsters you've never encountered before.

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Why Exora?

Exora 667 is a custom economy MMORPG aimed to bring a new MMORPG experience through new content such as NPCs, minigames, maps, weaponry and much more. Exora will uphold a balance of existing MMORPG content with a pleasant blend of new custom items and armors. Explore new areas filled with bosses you've never encountered before.

Fight alongside your friends in raids to obtain high end rewards, enjoy our new skilling content with new tools and fish to catch, paired with mining new rocks and ores to create powerful enchantments and weapons!

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game news and announcements

Update Log #7 (Halloween Event, Limited Items, QOL, Fixes)


Greetings Exorians,

It's that time again, bringing you a sweet Halloween event. It will be running from today until November 3rd. Giving you ample time to finish any other unique item you may want. We're also bringing in a few QOL changes and fixes. There's a lot to go over, let's go!


+ Halloween 2021 Event

The Halloween event brings us a new home map which is completely themed, an event quest, an event adventurer's log, a new world boss, new multi boss, lots of custom monsters and a new area called the Nightmare dungeon. Let's start with a mini-guide on how the Event should be played.

  + Maggie's Quest
A player must first start with Maggie's Quest in order to start receiving Halloween tokens from monsters in the nightmare dungeon. Halloween tokens can be used to purchase from Brother Jack's shop. Maggie will ask you to defeat monsters in the nightmare dungeon, and collect their drops. Once the drops have been collected, you can turn them in at Maggie. Completing the quest will grant you a Halloween mystery box, and the ability to receive drops from monsters in the nightmare dungeon. To go to Maggie simply use the command ::halloween/::hween or use global teleports > dungeons > Nightmare.


  + General Jack

General Jack is the newest World Boss in Exora. Only available for a limited time. Jack has a respawn rate of 3 hours, and is able to be spawned in via the world boss token. He has interesting mechanics, such as spawning a bunch of nightmare monsters at 50% HP, after the monsters have been killed Jack will do a trick-or-treat mechanic leaving the floor with lovely halloween candies and cakes. Those can be consumed for extra player benefits. To fight General Jack use the command ::genjack


  + Exorian Nightmare
The newest multi-boss addition to Exora. Top 5 most damage dealt players will receive a loot from it. It has a collection log reward, and may be a permanent addition to Exora. It drops the nightmare melee set. Exorian nightmare can be fought in the Nightmare dungeon.
It is in the middle of the area.

  + Halloween Tokens
After completing Maggie's Quest monsters in the Nightmare dungeon will now always drop Halloween tokens. These monsters will drop anywhere between 50-150 per kill depending on the monster. They all also have their own drop table which can drop various cosmetics and useable items with stats. Tokens can be spent in Brother Jack's shop. He stands at home, patiently awaiting Exorians.

  + Halloween Emblems
Emblems are a way for players to get more Halloween tokens while grinding out in the Nightmare dungeon. They have a 1% chance to drop from monsters in the area, and will only drop once Maggie's Quest has been completed. Emblems can be cut with chisels to turn in to Halloween tokens. You will be notified by a game message that an emblem has dropped. 

   + Demon totem
     - When broken with a chisel gain 2500-5000 Halloween Tokens.
   + Skull artifact
     - When broken with a chisel gain 2000-4000 Halloween Tokens.
   + Vampire's sigil
     - When broken with a chisel gain 1500-3000 Halloween Tokens.
   + Well kept bones
     - When broken with a chisel gain 1000-2000 Halloween Tokens.
   + Large monster egg
     - When broken with a chisel gain 500-1000Halloween Tokens.

  + Halloween Adventurer's Log
Most players don't even know adventurer's log exist. Just a reminder to check the log, and claim any rewards you may have missed. We've added a new book called Maggie's Book. This will only be in the log until the event has ended. Meanwhile, you can complete Halloween tasks to receive Halloween rewards. They're fairly easy, and you have a total of 4 tasks to complete for some goodies.

If you don't know where it is simply go to Quest Tab > click on "Adventurer's Log"

+ Faceless King
  - Faceless Cauldrons now require 50 essences each cauldron instead of 100.

  + Halloween Rewards
Now for the thing you've all probably been waiting for to read. The rewards. We decided to make most of them cosmetic, however we also wanted to add in a few potential upgrades for beginners up to advanced players. All items found here are only acquired from the Halloween shop, Credit Shop, Halloween Mystery Box, General Jack world boss and monsters in the nightmare zone. All equip able rewards may also be transmogged.

  + Halloween Consumables
       - Obtainable via Halloween mystery box, general jack and nightmare monsters.
    + Bowl of pumpkin treats
       - Allows you to feed a pet without the specific food required.
    + Bubbly blue drink
       - Acts as an overload. Consumes 1 sip and disappears after the first. However is stackable.
    + Caramel candy apple
       - Increases experience gained by +10% for 5 minutes.
    + Eyeball gummies
       - Increases Halloween token gained by +10% for 5 minutes.
    + Wiggly worm cake
       - Increases drop rate by +0.1% for 5 minutes.
  + Halloween Misc.
    + Halloween 2021 trinket
       - Increases Halloween tokens gained by +25% when equipped.
    + Skeleton throne
       - Applies a permanent skeleton throne when resting your character.
  + Halloween Equipment's
    + Shadow Pumpkin Mask

       - Cosmetic
    + Majora's Mask
       - Cosmetic
    + Pyramid Helmet
       - Cosmetic
    + Spooky Cape
       - Cosmetic
    + Jack's Sword
       - Fast attacks.
    + Executioner's Blade
       - Fast attacks, 2-handed.
    + Shadow Ripper (t1)
       - Fast attacks. May be titan forged to upgrade.
    + Shadow Ripper (t2)
       - Fast attacks, increased melee bonuses and a 5% chance to double hit. May be titan forged to upgrade.
    + Shadow Ripper (t3)
       - Faster attacks, increased melee bonuses and a 10% chance to double hit.
    + General Jack's Platebody/Legs
       - Melee bonuses, mostly for transmog purposes.
    + Exorian Nightmare Set (Mask, Body, Legs, Wings)
       - Increases melee stats.
  + Halloween Pets (Credit Shop, Halloween Shop & Drops)
    + General Jack
       - Melee combat, deals double melee special attack damage.
    + Exorian Nightmare
       - Magic combat, deals double special attack damage.
    + Giant Shadow Hand
       - Melee combat, deals single melee special attack damage.

That concludes the Halloween 2021 Event. We're already looking forward to the Christmas Events!

+ Achievements
  + Rewards

    - You will no longer receive small xp lamps as a reward from achievement tasks.
    - You will now receive cinder lamps as a reward from achievement tasks. Depending on the tier, the larger the lamp.
  + Shop
    - Significantly reduced the price of the skiller's backpack.
    - Reduced the price of infernals.
    - Reduced the price of golden shoulder pets.
    - Added lucky pickaxe to the achievement shop - 25k achievement points.
    - Ring of wealth (enhanced) will no longer be sold in shop, instead be a scroll of wealth.

If you'd like to see any more items added to the shop, let us know and we'll see if it's fair.


+ Changes
  - Slayer streak will now display next to "Task" in quest tab.
  - You can now deposit-many on your coal bag without having to go through dialogue.
  - You can now cook your fish at the squid area in skill zone.
  - Increased overall stats of the king scorpion pet.
  - You will now teleport to the slayer camp if you have no active task, when using the ring of slaying.
  - Buffed dark matter weaponry drop rates.
  - Significantly increased the drop rate of tormented weaponry from tormented beasts. (They should act as an upgrade from exo)

+ Fixes
  - Fixed an issue with killing dust devil superior on last slayer task kill not progressing.
  - Fixed an issue with skilly's book total skill level. (If you have finished it before, you must level up a skill by 1 for it to update)
  - Fixed an issue with drop rate on quest tab displaying multiple decimals. It is now up to 2 decimals.
  - Fixed an issue with scorpion taking KC while having key in inventory (Only happened when you had full KC) It will now take the key first.


Thank you for taking the time to read the update log! We hope you enjoy this update. Any suggestions, and reports please do let us know. Make sure to leave a comment, we'll be giving out some halloween mystery boxes to those who do.

Mini Log #1 (New Titan Forge Upgrades, New Battle Pass, Login Rewards)


Greetings Exorians,


This is a mini update, introducing a few new items, general changes and QOL. We have a lot more coming in the next week (or 2) which will bring us the Halloween event. We'll be showing off a few things in #sneekpeak on our official discord.


With this update also brings a client update. If you wish to hide other players' pets you may do so via the settings manager. This specific change will require you to download the new client for it to work. If you use the Exora Launcher, you don't have to do anything but simply reloading the launcher.


+ New Battle Pass
Thank you all for participating in the battle pass. From now on; Battle pass will run for 2 months. Starting today, you'll have 2 months to complete the pass. The new pass will introduce a unique set piece called the 'glacial', and overall epic rewards. Here are the rewards:

  - Battle Pass Season 2

  - Glacial Set


+ New Login Rewards
We like that the login reward system can give you pets, that are otherwise obtained from the shop. So we kept them in for another month. We have added the plague bringer cosmetic set, fire storm longsword and the rest you'll see here:


  - Increased the rate of orange rewards and up.


+ Faceless King Changes
The update has mostly been extremely positive, allowing everyone to participate in a world event, and having to work together to kill the boss is something we love to see. We are bringing a few changes to the Faceless King, making him a little stronger, but with team work can still be defeated!

  - You are now given 3 lives, instead of the previous 2.
  - Faceless King will now scale its HP by +10k for every player in the area.
  - Faceless portal will now open for 4 minutes, instead of the previous 5.
  - Faceless king curse mechanic will no longer persist after that phase is over.
  - Faceless/Argus chest will now send items to your bank if you close without pressing the bank/inv buttons on interface.


+ Titan Forge Changes
We have removed a few items from the titan forge as they were rarely forged. As well as the addition of elemental heirloom and double bounty (i) trinket which is the upgraded version of the double bounty trinket.

  + Elemental Heirloom (NEW)
     - Heals 1.75% health every 2.2 seconds, increases drop rate by 2.5% and greatly increases attack and defense bonuses.
     - Forged by sacrificing all of the lvl 5 heirlooms (50% success rate)

  + Double Bounty (i) (tr)
     - Gain a 5% chance to roll an extra drop from a monster (Stacks with collection log)
     - Forged by sacrificing the double bounty trinket and 50 titanite shards. (50% success rate)

  + Demonic book
     - Reduced the success rate of demonic book from 75% to 25%

  + Titan Forge Removals
     + Infernal guard equipment
        - Magma elementals/magma beasts will now drop infernal guard pieces.
        - Increased the drop rate of infernal guard pieces on fire dragons.
        - Reduced shop value of infernal guard pieces.
     + Infernal cape
        - Obtainable only via the fire dragon.
     + Sirenic equipment
        - Blurite chest will no longer give you broken sirenic pieces, instead a workable piece.


+ Changes
  - Reduced the drop rate of fire strider wings, fire horn boots from Cerberus.
  - Reduced the drop rate of neon, dark lord and solari from bloodchiller, warmonger and earthbreaker.
  - Significantly buffed the drop rate of rare items on the king black scorpion.
  - Added more hobgoblin spawns in taverly dungeon.
  - Nerfed the twilight claws special attack.
  - Nerfed the twlight wand magic attack/bonuses.
  - Pre-nerfed twilight crossbow when equipped with off-hand (lol)

+ Webstore
 - Adjusted the packages credit amount to properly reflect what you get in-game. (You still received the right amount, just text saying you received less)
 - Increased the bonus credits of the $500 package.

Update Log #6 (Faceless King, New Customs, Collection Log Rewards, Changes & Fixes)


Greetings Exorians,

It's that time again. Today we bring you the new world event boss Faceless King, new rewards, some changes and fixes! Thank you all for supporting Exora, we appreciate the community and the donators 😉. If there's anything you'd like to see changed, or have suggestions feel free to let us know on our discord. We have been working hard on providing updates as fast and as clean as possible. Hope you guys enjoy!


+ The Faceless King

Finally! We get to introduce the Faceless King. He is a new boss never seen before, its mechanics are very different and is not a boss you can simply teleport to, to fight it. In order to fight the faceless king one must kill his minions in the faceless dungeon. His minions drop its essence, which you can then use on the cauldrons. The cauldrons must be filled up in order to spawn the boss. To see the progress of the cauldron, simply examine the object. Once all cauldrons have been filled, the faceless portal will be open for 5 minutes. All players of Exora have 5 minutes to gear up and enter the portal. Once in, you can not re-enter if you decide to leave. Players have 3 lives, and if you have spent all your lives you will not be able to loot the chest.

  - Mini Guide

1. Teleport to the Faceless Dungeon by either typing the command ::faceless or global teleports > dungeons > faceless dungeon
2. Kill the faceless skeletons to acquire their essence.
3. Fill up the cauldrons with the skeleton essence.

4. All players have 5 minutes to gear up and enter the portal.
5. Enter the barrier and defeat the boss.
6. You now have 1 minute to loot the faceless chest in the middle of the area. Area is cleared after 1 minute, so make sure you loot it as fast as you can!

 + Mechanics

The faceless king will do basic magic attack as its regular attacks.

While doing auto attacks the faceless king may curse all players in the area. You will have a GFX over you with a faceless skull. To remove the curse you have to pray to the faceless altar. However depending on the color of the skull that's over you, you have to pray at the right altar. So if your GFX skull is red, you have to pray at the red altar.

While under 75% health, the Faceless King may call up on the wall of flames. To dodge it stand/walk between an open spot. Touching the wall of flame will hit you with 450 damage. While the faceless king calls upon the wall of flames, he will still attack and is able to curse the player.

When the faceless king is at 25% health he will call upon the faceless towers. He will become invulnerable until the towers are defeated. These are not simple towers though. While the towers are active they will send souls to the faceless king, once the faceless king has 100 souls he will one-shot everyone in the area and the faceless king instance will be stopped. That means you have been defeated. However, for each tower that you defeat it will multiply the amount of souls the faceless king needs.

Lastly..finish off the faceless king and loot his chest! Good luck & have fun!


+ Faceless King Rewards

Alright, let's get to the juicy stuff! Reminder that you are able to hold down CTRL while hovered over an item to learn more about it.

- Twilight key
  Allows you to open any chest that requires a key. It has up to 5 charges.
- Twilight shard
  Allows you to upgrade the flower of dawn trinket. Use on the flower of dawn to make a twilight devastation trinket
- Twilight devastation (tr)
  10% chance while in combat to summon a curse. Dealing 450 DoT over 5 seconds to a target. (30sec CD)
- Twilight claws
  Has fast attacks. As well as a devastating special attack consuming 25% special.
- Twilight wand
  Has a built in spell, and casts it twice as fast. It will always double hit, and has a 10% chance to apply an additional hit.
- Faceless F* (Shoulder Pet)
  New BiS shoulder pet. Increases drop rate by 2.5% heals for 150-175 HP and restore prayer at a higher rate. It will do the restores every 8 seconds, instead of the 10 seconds from other shoulder pets.
- Demonic Glaives
Previously a battle pass reward. 2-handed fast attacks. Hits twice, its second hit dealing 25% less damage. Note: The battle pass armour set will not be introduced ever again. However the glaives were always meant to be introduced in the game.
- Undying Heart

Increases your magic, ranged and melee strength by +15 for 5 minutes.
- Book of dark secrets (Obtainable via Credit Shop or Faceless King)
Allows you to apply a 1% drop rate increase on dark matter and scoria weaponry.
- Faceless King's Equipment Set
The best in-slot magic set. When full set is equipped (excl. gloves/boots) provides a base .5% drop rate increase. And an additional 2% increase against demon type monsters.
- Twilight Crossbow & Twilight off-hand
We've been experimenting with off-hand and are glad to introduce one of the many off-hands likely coming in the game in the future.
In its self the twilight crossbow is a ranged crossbow with not many benefits. However, when pared with the off-hand version it increases in power significantly. It increases the attack speed, has a 100% chance at double hitting and a 30% chance to apply an additional hit. Making it the strongest ranged weaponry in the game. It can hold any type of bolts (including toxic bolts)
 - Derpy king pet (Mini bennie Kappa)
  Obtained from the faceless king, as a very rare reward! It uses magic attacks, and its special hits 3 times.

+ Collection Log Completion Rewards
  - Added a new collection log in monsters category 'Superiors'.
  - Superior collection reward: 10% chance to spawn additional superior after killing a superior monster.
  - All monster collections now give the reward: 5% chance to roll an extra drop. (Excluding ebonchill dragon, dravonic demon and superiors)

+ Credit Shop
  - Added the faceless shoulder pet to the credit shop for 3899 credits.
  - Added book of dark secrets to the credit shop for 3499 credits.
  - Lowered the price of hellcat from 3299 credits to 2899 credits.
  - Lowered the price of golem from 2199 credits  to 1899 credits.
  - Lowered the price of snail from 1499 credits to 1099 credits.

+ Range Buff
Range is rarely used by players, even though it's quite decent already. We decided to give range a bit of a buff so that we have more variety in meta.
For now we buffed the weaponry, however depending on how it goes we may also buff ranged equipment.
 - Increased ranged strength of rune arrow, dragon arrow
 - Increased ranged strength/ranged attack of the following weaponry:
   - Featherfall bow
   - True Featherfall bow
   - Tormented bow
   - Tormented/toxic blowpipe
   - Dark matter bow
   - Scoria bow
   - Toxic crossbow
   - Hecarim's bow
   - Monster hunter crossbow

+ Challenge scrolls (Clue scroll)
Challenge scrolls are now a world drop and will no longer drop from the direct drop table of monsters.
The higher the combat level of the monster you're fighting the higher the chance to receive a challenge scroll drop.

+ Black Market Shop
Increased the drop rate of rare items to show up more often in the Black Market Shop.

+ Titan Forge
- True featherfall bow success chance has been increased to 40%.
- Flame king's greatsword success chance has been increased to 40%.

+ Changes
  - Potion timers in resizeable graphics mode have been re-positioned. No longer in the center of the screen.
  - Nomad will no longer be in the Wilderness
  - Lowered the health of slayer Strykewyrms. (Hopefully the slayer tasks wont be as dreadful as before)
  - Increased khaashe dragon, hecarim and riptide health. (a bit lower buff for riptide since its underwater kek)
  - Buffed black market trader rare rewards drop rate.
  - Increased barbarian agility course experience gained significantly.
  - Buffed tormented wings drop rate at tormented demon significantly.
  - Buffed dragonic sigil drop rate at tormented demon significantly.
  - Buffed fire dragon monster material drop rate.
  - Buffed ebonchill monster material drop rate.
  - Regular potions will now crumble when it is empty.
  - Task scrolls will now be picked up automatically with the drop catcher. (Excluding elite scrolls, those have to be added to DC)
  - Added infernal max cape, comp and trimmed to transmog.
  - Added completionist, max and trimmed comp cape to transmog.
  - Updated examine text of fishing spots. (Doesn't even matter hold down CTRL when hovered over a fishing spot)
  - Added more kalphite soldiers to the kalphite lair.
+ Fixes
- Pets will no longer bob back and forth when eating/potting.
  - Fixed an issue of pets not following you out when crossing a barrier.
  - Fixed an issue with bob the fucking barter. (Has been hotfixes a few weeks ago)
  - Fixed an issue with gnome agility course.
  - Fixed an issue with the trees stacked upon eachother in the dzone.
  - Fixed an issue with not being able to attack Hero thieving npc. (He will no longer terrorize players)
  - Fixed an issue with the barrelchest boss not showing killcount.
  - Fixed an issue with bonecrusher not crushing dagganoth bones.


Thank you for taking the time to read the update log! We're currently working on a halloween event, so stay tuned for that.

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