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Gemstone Hatchet

Gemstone hatchet allows you to cut down gem stone trees.

Blurite Pickaxe

Mine blurite ores faster.

Infernal Pickaxe

A pickaxe that turns ores into bars while mining.

Infernal Hatchet

A pickaxe that burns logs while cutting trees.

Captains Harpoon

You will be able to catch raw squid with this harpoon.

Mystery Box

Feeling lucky?

Super Mystery Box

Feeling lucky?

x100 Squid

A fish that heals the most.

x100 Lionfish

Lionfish cures you of antipoison.

Gamble Permit

A gambling permit allows you to host games.

Drop catcher

Drop catcher sends an item to your inventory or bank.

Arclight Defender

The best in-slot defender. Not tradeable.

Infernal Cape

Infernal cape is a strong melee cape. Not tradeable.

Poison Claw Sigil

A sigil used to indentify unidentified equipment.

Crystal Sigil

A sigil used to indentify unidentified equipment.


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